Angelique McCormick

Angelique McCormick

Attended DONA Birth Doula Workshop, Breastfeeding Class, and Childbirth Class as well as numerous trainings in overcoming trauma and in Circle of Security.


I love the magic, awe, and mystery that surrounds birth and the baby's transition into life outside the womb. Each family is different and I love honoring those differences. My other passions include getting outside, gardening, spending time with my family and pets, and sewing.


Amanda Michaelson

Amanda Michaelson is a DONA Certified Birth Doula living in Two Harbors, MN. Born and raised in the Duluth/ North Shore area, Amanda has a deep passion for the people who choose to call this beautiful place home. 

After receiving her Bachelors of Applied Science in Public Health Education and Promotion from UMD in the spring of 2014, Amanda continued her education by pursuing her Birth Doula certification. Although her passion for birth and pregnancy could be traced far back into her childhood, it was during her time at UMD that she dove deeper into maternal and child health and felt the calling to become a doula. 

As a certified Birth Doula, Amanda is committed to providing her clients with the best possible support and care throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time. No matter what your vision is for your birth, Amanda will help you to achieve that vision and to love your birth! To learn more about Amanda's doula practice, please visit

Cooper Orth

Cooper Orth is the owner of Lunula Duluth, a business dedicated to improving the experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Cooper is a Birth Doula (DONA), Postpartum Doula (IPPA) and Placenta Encapsulator (IPPA). She has been attending births and encapsulating placentas since 2013.

Visit to find more about Cooper's qualifications and services! 

When Cooper isn't doing birth work she lives a full life of: skiing, biking, playing old-time music, dancing at square dances, gardening, and working on her homestead with her sweetheart. 



Dionne Corcoran, CPM, LM, LTM

Dionne received her midwifery degree from Southwestern Wisconsin Technical College in 2010 and later that year she received her CPM certification. Her apprenticeship was primarily at a clinic in LaFarge Wisconsin working with Dr. James Deline and Physicians Assistant/midwife Lisa Varnes Epstein. Dionne also worked with various other midwives in home birth settings.

Dionne is currently a Certified Professional Midwife, a Licensed Midwife in Wisconsin, and a Licensed Traditional Midwife in Minnesota. She is a member of the Wisconsin Guild of Midwives and The Minnesota Council of Certified Professional Midwives. She is an active preceptor for several midwifery programs and enjoys teaching future midwives.

Dionne is happily married and the mother of seven. Dionne enjoys writing, traveling and snuggling on the couch with her kitties.


Marissa Davis, Student Midwife

Marissa started her career as a doula in 2010. She has attended DONA doula training, Childbirth Education training, Spinning Babies, Dancing For Birth, Reiki, HypnoBirthing Education and Lactation Counseling training over the years to extend her skills. Her passion is helping women and babies. Nurturing you and your family is her priority. Birth is a sacred event and needs to be cherished, honored and respected. Birth is a rite of passage as women and she is here to support you!     

Marissa also has a passion for the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, camping and campfires. 

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Katie Greene

Katie Greene wants to live in a world where dark chocolate, a warm breeze, and giggling babies are a part of every day.

Katie smiles and laughs often and has a calming presence that translates to a tranquil mood in the birth room. As a mother of two, she can identify with your hopes and fears for birth and postpartum. She knows that the choices that feel right for labor and postpartum are different for every woman, and even each pregnancy, and helps her clients decide what choices are right for them.

Katie is certified by DONA International as a birth doula, trained with ProDoula as a postpartum doula, and is certified in Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum from Birth Arts International. She has been supporting Duluth families in birth and postpartum since 2013 and works with Everyday Miracles and the Minnesota Prison Doula Project.

When she's not supporting families, you can find her teaching math, mixing up homemade soaps and lotions, or perusing her Grandma's cookbook collection to plan her next dinner party.

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Katie Sandell CNM, APRN

Certified Nurse Midwife, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Katie Sandell, CNM, APRN founded Lake Superior Midwifery in 2002 and has been proud to provide attentive care to many families in Duluth. She is an RN and has her Master’s Degree in Midwifery and brings over 25 years of nursing and midwifery experience working in women’s healthcare with pregnant and birthing women, their newborns and families. She has worked in clinic, hospital, birth center and home birth settings as a midwife since 1996. Katie believes it is truly a gift and an honor to be a midwife to so many amazing and wonderful women and families. She loves living in Duluth with her husband and daughters.

Katrena Schilling

Nurturing Littles - Postpartum Doula

I as a mom have encountered many obstacles with breastfeeding, PPD, and juggling life with two under two. I can take the time to listen to your concerns and help you.  Motherhood doesn't come with a handbook, and I strive to help any mother I can!
A few of my hobbies : I love babysitting, hula hooping, art and reading books.

Attending a CAPPA postpartum workshop
Attended childbirth classes and breastfeeding classe
Experienced mom of 2

Dr. Laura Jonker

Dr. Laura Jonker is a Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor serving Duluth and the surrounding area. Working with families and helping them achieve their health goals is a passion she has had for many years.

After graduating with a BS in Biology from University of Wisconsin-River Falls she continued her education at Northwestern Health Sciences University, an integrated alternative care facility. It was there she began her training in the field of Prenatal and Pediatric Care. Dr. Laura graduated with her Doctorate in 2007. She completed the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Certification in Prenatal and Pediatric care in 2010. 

Dr. Laura believes that everyone has the ability to live life to its fullest! From newborns to seniors, Chiropractic helps restore natural function of the nervous system and spine. For more information on how Chiropractic works please visit

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Margo Nelson, TM

Margo is the owner and midwife of Duluth Midwife, which offers home birth midwifery services and birth education to the Duluth and the surrounding areas.  She believes strongly in the community midwifery model, and wants to see a midwife for every neighborhood (and she hopes to do her part in training more Traditional Midwives!). She also co-runs Indie Birth (, a website devoted to questioning every aspect of pregnancy, birth and postpartum care, educating parents, and training and connecting postmodern midwives so that we can all better serve families from a place of love rather than fear.  You can check out her birthy podcast, "Well, Actually...", at as well.

Michael D. Warwas, TM, DEM

Michael is a Traditional Birth Attendant whose path into midwifery began with the unique birth journeys of his six awesome children--beginning in the hospital, and then turning to home birth. These very personal experiences have formed his style that prioritizes informed consent and evidenced-based care, along with a heavy dose of common sense and a dash of intuition. Those experiences have also firmly shaped his belief in every couple's right to choose where, and with whom, they birth their baby(s).

Michael enjoys working with each unique woman, couple, and family to provide highly individualized care. He is happy to help clients build the birth journey that's right for them, and will gladly collaborate with other members of the birth team, whether they be family members or other birth workers--or simply work with the birthing couple!

When Michael's not studying midwifery, he enjoys time outdoors, including walks and hikes with his family. His hobbies during the ridiculously short Minnesota summers include vegetable gardening, fruit tree planting, and a bit of beekeeping.

Aurora, MN 55705
Traditional Home Birth Midwifery Services.  Serving families on Minnesota's Iron Range and surrounding areas.


Rachel Voigt CPM, LM

Lake Superior Midwifery & Duluth Placenta
Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife

Rachel is one half the midwifery team at Lake Superior Midwifery and offers placenta encapsulation through Duluth Placenta. She is originally from southeastern Wisconsin and attend Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton, Maine. After completing a 18 month internship in Minneapolis she settled in Duluth in the summer of 2016. Rachel believes all families deserve empowering care that is individualized to their needs and she is happy to provide that to families in the Duluth area. She enjoys hiking, drinking coffee and being near Lake Superior.

For more information about midwifery care with Lake Superior Midwifery & Rachel, please see; for more information about placenta encapsulation, please see or call Rachel at 262-365-4833.


Serena Lynch, CPM, LM

Earth Roots Midwifery

Serena is the owner and midwife of Earth Roots Midwifery offering home birth services, Monitrice Support, Postpartum Doula Support, Holistic Pelvic Care, VBAC Support, and Well-Woman Care to Duluth and surrounding areas. She is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and a Licensed Midwife (LM) with the state of Minnesota. She graduated from a MEAC accredited midwifery college in Portland, OR. Born and raised along the North Shore, Serena is grateful to be home and excited to co-create with other birth workers in the Northland.

A retired nanny of 11 years, Serena also enjoys cooking whole foods, connecting with nature, and learning about all matters related to homesteading and living off-grid.

You can contact Serena at: 
(218) 576-5439

Stephanie Grieger

Stephanie joined In Motion Therapy in 2014, a private practice in Duluth, MN.  She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012 at The College of Saint Scholastica.

Stephanie has a passion for treating pelvic pain, diastasis recti, scar tissue, prenatal and postpartum care, and holistic approaches. She has been trained in myriad continuing education platforms, which have proved to further hone her skills and specialties: total motion release (TMR), anatomy trains, pelvic floor techniques, pediatric incontinence, infant torticollis, infant massage, pilates, and yoga, visceral mobilizations, myofascial/manual techniques, lumbopelvic/spinal health, essential oils, and postural rebalancing. 

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.  She likes going on walks and hikes with her family, along with their dog, Chipper Jones.  Stephanie enjoys cooking and baking in her free time, especially when she gets to share it with her friends and family.  218-727-1180